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All human institutions—banking, government, politics, medicine, pharmaceutical, finance—are centralized pyramids. We aim to change that! As a result, all incumbent systems of the world will change fundamentally. There is no bigger idea! There is nothing currently known with higher potential returns. This Einsoph® design has the potential to be far more profitable for the founders than all of the FAANG companies combined. It is the single most important undertaking in the entire history of Silicon Valley: Redesigning all human systems will be like a Manhattan Project or sending a man to the moon—we have to get it right. This is a Medici moment.

It makes no sense to adopt current distributed ledger technology (as thousands have) when the technology is improving so rapidly. The risk is that it is far more difficult to change direction when one has gone far down what Boeing engineers often call, “the wrong bunny trail” and bet everything on the wrong path—to begin a great effort only to have to completely change direction when better technology arrives. The “killer app” is yet to arrive. Google launched relatively late in the internet game, and decentralization is magnitudes more complex than the internet.

Yet, just as in the early internet, fortunes are already being made, for example Sam Bankman-Fried made this month’s cover of the Forbes 400 as the richest self-made newcomer in Forbes history at age 29. His FTX has “$750 million in nearly risk-free revenue—and $350 million in profit—over 12 months….Since the business has almost no overhead, its profit margins are high: around 50%,” according to Forbes.

The system Einsoph designed will represent the most sophisticated and advanced distributed, decentralized platform in existence. It is a platform above the blockchain that trades absolutely everything in a decentralized system. For the first time in 6,000 years of man’s economic history, we can completely eliminate 100% of middle-men and bureaucrats. The revolution it will unleash will be far more profound than any revolution including the computer revolution and the Internet revolution. It will fundamentally change every human institution and every industry. There will be nothing controlling us left untouched.

Einsoph has completed the design of a revolutionary software platform eco-system, that has decoupled itself from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself (although we still record completed transactions on the blockchain). Einsoph is a new ecosystem layer that is totally above and beyond the blockchain and that easily integrates transactional values for anything between any values not just cryptos or tokens or coins. Einsoph will deploy this transaction system that aims to restructure the wealth of the world and reshape the incumbent system of the world.

In addition, we have solved the privacy “holy grail” as Vitalik Buterin calls it with a completely decentralized autonomous private system; yet it still allows governments to screen out “terrorists” upfront. It allows people total privacy. We have the answer that Zuckerberg could not answer to Congress in a full day of Congressional hearings how he would screen out “terrorists.” It does this while simultaneously maintaining complete 100% privacy—not just pseudo-anonymous as Bitcoin does, and certainly not the sell-all-your-data model of our competitors.

Einsoph has also solved the consensus algorithm problem that thousands of computer scientists from the U.S., China, Russia, Israel, and around the world have been trying to solve but have not satisfactorily solved.

In addition, Einsoph has completely solved 23 problems of all existing blockchain systems, including eliminating Bitcoin miners, and all existing consensus algorithms.

Einsoph also solved the fiat tie that all crypto currencies have. All cryptos, tokens, and coins are fundamentally fiat, evidenced by the fact that every single token and crypto crashed in parallel to recent stock market crashes, proving they are tied to fiat. Einsoph decoupled from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself, although it records completed transactions on the immutable blockchain, providing safety and security in an unstable world best described by Patrick Byrnes as “a warm standby for civilization itself.”

Einsoph also solved the stability problem of booms and busts that have become an inherent characteristic of all cryptos and all fiat systems, that are speculative systems.

In summary, there is no other system in the world even close to Einsoph in what it accomplishes by fundamentally re-envisioning Satoshi’s white paper tabula rasa and reimagining a non-fiat decentralized system.

Einsoph solved the crypto conundrum by not having to choose between privacy and freedom.

I had a one-on-one conversation with Peter Thiel at my table at Freedom Fest where Trump announced he was running for the Presidency in 2016. I asked Peter:

“In your book Zero to One your opening sentence is a question you ask of potential investments: ‘Tell me something that is true that very few people agree with you on.’ Do you mind if I answer that?”

“Go ahead.”

“Few people realize we may be witnessing the last dying convulsions of the entire Keynesian economic order and all fiat currencies associated with the system of the world. Do you agree with that Peter?”

I didn’t have to wait even a second for his response. Peter didn’t blink, he didn’t hesitate, and he responded with absolute certainty, “Yes!”

I was knocked back in my seat, because here was one of the wealthiest investors in Silicon Valley agreeing that the entire system of the world was going down! I did not expect such an answer from him, and especially not so absolute.

Next Peter started looking up at the ceiling thinking, for what seemed like a very long time in deep thought, and when he was done thinking he looked back at me and asked with a tone of curiosity, “But why has it worked thus far?”

I responded, “If by ‘worked’ (and I put it in air quotes with my fingers) you mean that it has accomplished what John Maynard Keynes predicted he would accomplish within ‘two generations’ from the time he wrote General Theory in 1936, which would put us about today—it has worked perfectly according to Keynes’ plan. He predicted he would put to death the entrepreneur and the rentier. He used a French pejorative for those who made money on money whom he loathed with a passion, and instead of saying his system would mean the murder of them he said his system 'would mean the euthanasia of the rentier' and the entrepreneur. His system of the world would become totalitarian with the government in control of absolutely everything, yet he never once mentioned that his system would reach a zero-end-point where interest rates were zero, or that central bankers couldn’t go below zero without people pulling their money out of the banks, and the entire system of the world would cease to function."

"Keynes’ last sentence in his General Theory was that he would be that 'defunct economist' laughing from his grave at us all; that he, a Trojan Horse, was snuck in, and his system of the world took over the entire world as Nixon said, ‘We are all Keynesians now,’ and his system would bring down and collapse the entire world and all fiat currencies associated with the system of the world.”

It is the end of dollar! It is the end of all currencies! If the United States of America does not have a digital currency in place soon, China will win the currency wars.

Just then Peter was called up to the podium, and the first thing he said with a word of astonishment was, “Wow! I wish I could talk to all the brilliant people at this convention.”

For those readers who don’t know what General Theory is, or Keynesianism: Neo Keynesianism is the system you’re all living under and General Theory is the Bible. Keynesianism has reached its zero end point! There is no greater why!

Einsoph has assembled a small team of geniuses who epitomize Steve Jobs’ “Think Different.” We have completed our original design, and we are now looking for members of a think tank with the goal of planning and designing the future global-scale systems described above. If you are interested in joining us, click here