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A Showcase for the Infinite™

Here is the big idea: At the very moment in history when all the sciences and technologies are on exponential curves of innovation (See The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil for 652 pages of exponential curves documenting this unprecedented phenomena), simultaneously politics and the economy have become the primary obstacles to science funding.

At the very moment when there are now exponential curves in potential innovations from physics, bio-medical, biology, nanotechnology, robotics, computer technology, artificial intelligence, brain research, earth science; there is simultaneously a massive crisis of capital and lack of funding for scientific research, and a need for a private, secure location to do cutting-edge research.

We will use revenues from Bulk Glacier Water™ to bring leading scientists to our island paradise to conduct breakthrough scientific research. “The researcher Thomas Astebro has shown that the returns on independent inventions (you take the cemetery into account) are far lower than those on venture capital,” that is invested in those scientific inventions.

Thus we provide the capital (from glacier water revenues), and the beautiful location where they can work, undistracted, and we reap the benefits. “When you look at the empirical record, you will see. . . science does better than scientists (about 50 percent of scientific and scholarly papers, costing months, sometimes years, of effort, are never truly read). . .The venture capitalist is the one who gets the [pesos].” (Nassim Taleb, The Black Swan).

We will work with chosen scientists, with some inventions kept on the island, not published as patents which would make them public domain, available for everybody to copy (the original intent of the patent system when Jefferson and our founding fathers set it up, was not to protect exclusivity but to share the published idea with others, but if one really wanted to protect an innovative idea, it would be best to keep it for our exclusive use as corporations do for some internal processes). It is easier to do this on a controlled private island.

Corporations tend to focus on one narrow area (eg. Microsoft on software, Boeing on aircraft) yet exponentially expanding technology is now crossing many inter-related boundaries such that a solution in one field is often found in another where it could not be found by those searching for it with a narrow focus. The black swan breakthroughs come from fields and from research where those searching least expect it. This is why it is important to combine sciences in one incubator; in areas we believe are most promising.

This huge new idea is not new historically over thousands of years: “Starting as early as 300 B.C.E., the Ptolemaic kings who ruled Alexandria had the inspired idea of luring leading scholars, and scientists to their city by offering them life appointments…with handsome salaries, tax exemptions [which in our case is a tax-free zone], free food and lodging, and the almost limitless resources of the library [we have a 10,560 volume library on site, and we plan on housing massive servers to act as a data crypt]. The recipients of this largesse established remarkably high intellectual standards. Euclid developed his geometry in Alexandria; Archimedes discovered pi and laid the foundation for calculus; Eratosthenes posited that the earth was round and calculated its circumference to within 1 percent; Galen revolutionized medicine [science and medicine work hand-in-hand with medicine being a check-and-balance on science in that medicine has been the first to discover adverse unintended consequences]. Alexandrian astronomers postulated a heliocentric universe; geometers deduced that the length of year was 365-1/4 days and proposed adding a 'leap day,' geographers speculated that it would be possible to reach India by sailing west from Spain; engineers developed hydraulics and pneumatics; anatomists first understood clearly that the brain and the nervous system were a unit, studied the function of the heart and the digestive system, and conducted experiments in nutrition. The level of achievement was staggering.” (Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard Professor) “[It] was not associated with a particular doctrine or philosophical school; its scope was the entire range of intellectual inquiry. It represented a …determination to assemble the accumulated knowledge of the whole world and to perfect and add to this knowledge" (Greenblatt)

We are currently conducting scientific research in the fields of physics, mathematics, cryptography, and carbon credits. We are hiring researchers in those areas who have written or conducted breakthrough research. Want to join us?

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