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Library Data Crypt

A key part of this vision is the almost limitless resources of the library. As a first, tiny step, the founder has already shipped to Chile in a 40-foot container his 10,560 volume personal library (one of the largest in Chile) that will eventually be on the island, and he will make it available for checking out for researchers on the island.

The big step, will be to combine three things that we can uniquely provide: 1) Large amounts of free electricity, 2) massive servers protected by the bio-mass from the triple canopy vegetation, 3) a remote location that will be soon connected to the world (when and where we want to be connected) via satellites that companies are in a race to put above us. It will be a “jar,” a crypt, a secure data haven of the world’s scientific knowledge on a jungle-covered island for innovation that will be critical to any revolutionary technologies. A secure private island in Patagonia Chile that is a sealed, ultra-secure, bio-mass shell, for private scientific research and innovation, plus a secure database copy of the world’s scientific knowledge—the ultimate monastery of stored scientific databases and future innovation.