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All human institutions—banking, government, politics, medicine, pharmaceutical, finance—are centralized pyramids. We aim to change that! As a result, all incumbent systems of the world will change fundamentally. There is no bigger idea! There is nothing currently known with higher potential returns. This Einsoph® design has the potential to be far more profitable for the founders than all of the FAANG companies combined. It is the single most important undertaking in the entire history of Silicon Valley: Decentralizing all human systems will be like a Manhattan Project or sending a man to the moon. It will fundamentally change how the world transacts. We have to get it right. This is a Medici moment—a political power shift this time to decentralization.


It makes no sense to adopt current distributed ledger technology (as thousands have) when the technology is improving so rapidly, and the Biden administration has written executive order 14067. The risk is that it is far more difficult to change direction when one has gone far down what Boeing engineers often call, “the wrong bunny trail” and bet everything on the wrong path—to begin a great effort only to have to completely change direction when better technology arrives. The opposite of centralized Google is yet to arrive. Google launched relatively late in the internet game, and rose to domination. Decentralization is magnitudes more complex than the internet and its time has arrived.

Yet, just as in the early internet, the first applications or platforms have many flaws that are now being solved.


The system Einsoph designed will represent the most sophisticated and advanced distributed, decentralized platform in existence. It is a platform above the blockchain that trades absolutely everything in a decentralized system. For the first time in 6,000 years of man’s economic history, we can completely eliminate 100% of middle-men and bureaucrats. The revolution it will unleash will be far more profound than any revolution including the computer revolution and the Internet revolution. It will fundamentally change every human institution and every industry. There will be nothing controlling us left untouched.


Einsoph has completed the design of a revolutionary software platform eco-system, that has decoupled itself from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself (although we still record completed transactions on the blockchain). It is not a “side-chain.” Einsoph is a new ecosystem layer that is totally above and beyond the blockchain and that easily integrates transactional values for anything between any values not just cryptos or tokens or coins. Einsoph will deploy this transaction system that aims to restructure the wealth of the world and reshape the incumbent system of the world.

Einsoph solved the crypto conundrum by not having to choose between privacy and freedom.

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